Welcome! CBMy name is Cecilia Biemann and I have been tutoring GAMSAT students in Section 2 essay writing for the past three years. My tutoring students achieve excellent results (average score of 68 and average improvement of 10 point increase between their first and second post-tutoring attempt at sitting the exam). My academic mix of Undergraduate Journalism/Creative Writing and Postgraduate Psychology, coupled with my decade of freelance writing experience and 6 years school/university level tutoring experience has equipped me with the magic formula for helping people write great essays and score well in section 2 of the GAMSAT.

I created this blog with a focus on GAMSAT quote interpretation in mind because so many of the students I tutor struggle with quote interpretation and sabotage themselves from the outset of the essay writing process by incorrectly or inadequately interpreting the quote they are writing about in their essay. The results of my GAMSAT students has shown me that the ones who score highest are those who do a deep, precise interpretation rather than a swift, shallow interpretation of the quote. It is my hope that the content on this site will help you improve in this area and ultimately help you score higher on the GAMSAT.

I’d like to point out that my interpretation of the quote isn’t always the only correct interpretation of the quote. Many of my students interpret some quotes differently than I do, sometimes even more cleverly than I do. Which is great! As long as the point of the quote isn’t being missed. Otherwise you will end up writing a GAMSAT essay that is completely off track and unlikely to produce a high score.

To all the GAMSAT students who visit this site, I hope you find the advice I provide genuinely helpful. I wish you the very best of luck in the GAMSAT!