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gamsat essay questions

Looking for some GAMSAT essay questions to practice writing essays for section 2?

Most of the GAMSAT study resources published contain a limited amount of quotes to use when writing practice GAMSAT essays. So where can you find more?

The best place to find plenty of additional GAMSAT essay questions is the Random Quote Generator available at:

The Random Quote Generator includes over 5000 quotes from the GoodReads database and creates random sets of 5 quotes based around a common theme… everything from politics to revenge. It covers a broad range of topics that the GAMSAT is likely to test you on for both Task A and Task B, but certainly not all. The “pets” theme for the Task B essay in the March 2016 exam was quite a curve ball!

Some of the quotes included in the sets are a bit unconventional, so overlook those ones and just keep refreshing the page until you land on a set of GAMSAT essay quotes that are useful to you. Choose the quote you want to write your essay on and be sure to address that particular quote in the context of the theme. Elegantly mention one of the other given quotes in your essay if you can for extra points.

TIP: As you are browsing the quotes in the set of five, don’t automatically select the short quotes. Sometimes the longer quotes have more “meat on the bone” for you to write a brilliant GAMSAT essay.

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