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When writing Task B GAMSAT essays, it is important to bring more emotional elements to your writing in 3 key ways…

1. Focus on the emotional aspects of people

Task B GAMSAT essays are focused on socio-cultural topics, which requires you to keep people and human nature at the forefront of your mind. You should practice doing this as soon as you begin the process of interpreting the presented GAMSAT quotes. Consider the emotions people experience in certain situations and circumstances, and how those emotions drive their behaviour and their interactions with others – in relationships and in society generally. Consider how the essence of the quote you choose to write on is lived out in people’s lives and the impact this has on society.

When your content is emotion-focused, your essay will have more impact.

2. Share your emotions

Sharing your emotions on paper can initially be a difficult task for students who have been conditioned to write academic essays in third person with a strong focus on evidence rather than opinion. But in order to write a powerful essay that connects with the marker, you must reflect on how particular situations or circumstances effect (or have previously effected you) emotionally and share this openly in your GAMSAT essays.

You don’t have to reveal your deepest, darkest secrets. But you do have to demonstrate your ability to assess the people and the world around you with a measure of wisdom and discernment, and personally reflect on the emotions and actions of yourself and others.

3. Target the emotions of the marker

Think about how you feel after you have watched a bland, boring movie that didn’t make you feel anything at all. The last thing you want is for the marker of your GAMSAT essay to feel absolutely nothing at the end of reading your essay. Your job is to move them emotionally! Make them laugh. Make them cry. Stir up anger in them. Arouse sympathy from them. Shock or surprise them.  Somehow move them!

How do you do this? Choose content for your essay that is emotionally impactful and choose language that is emotionally impactful. Tell a moving story. Share your emotions. Write with passion!

If you don’t have someone marking your practice GAMSAT essays to help you improve (which you definitely should), at the very least have a friend or family member read your practice Task B GAMSAT essays and ask them if they felt anything while they were reading it. Their response will give you some indication of whether you need to somewhat or significantly improve in this area.

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