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GAMSAT Essay Introductions

Countless students have told me that they find the most difficult aspect of writing a GAMSAT essay to be “getting started”. Writing introductions for your GAMSAT essays is actually quick and easy when you have a set formula that you stick to for each and every essay you write.

If you practice writing to this formula over and over as you prepare for the exam, writing introductions will become second nature and you will never struggle with what you should write and in what order.

Let’s explore the key aspects of a great GAMSAT essay introduction…

1. Grab the reader’s attention with an impactful opening sentence.
2. Show the marker that you have correctly identified the overall theme and accurately interpreted the primary quote that you will be addressing in your essay.
3. Ensure that your thesis statement / main message is firm, succinct and clear.
4. Mention the main examples you will be later discussing in the body of your essay.
5. Write with a healthy dose of passion and conviction – if it barely sounds like YOU believe what you are writing, why should the reader?!

I teach all of my GAMSAT tutoring students a unique A, B, C formula I developed for writing Gamsat essay introductions with ease, which allows them to write brief, high impact, logically flowing introductions FAST every time they write an essay. Sticking to a set formula means that you don’t waste time procrastinating or second-guessing yourself on what to write, you can just start writing immediately. It also ensures that all essential elements of a traditional essay are always included.

Particularly when you are writing under strict time conditions as you are in the GAMSAT, I cannot emphasis enough how important it is to have a set essay structure that you stick to for the introduction and beyond, in order to achieve clarity and logical flow of argument throughout your entire essay.

Want to learn my ABC formula for writing strong, high-scoring GAMSAT essays?

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