GAMSAT Prep Advice for Section 2 – What is Your Stance?


GAMSAT Prep Advice

Another piece of valuable GAMSAT prep advice I can give you for Section 2 is to establish your views on the various themes in advance. At the point of perusing the quote set during the exam is not the time to be weighing up whether you think money, politics, religion or media is the root of all good or evil.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you are rock-solid in your stance on certain topic as many GAMSAT quotes can challenge your thinking. For example, right now you may consider yourself to be a person that wholeheartedly supports freedom of speech. Then you encounter the following quote:

“If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.” – Noam Chomsky

The first step in interpreting this quote is to consider who “we” (as a society) despise. Terrorists? Paedophiles? So, in the context of this quote, if we 100% support freedom of speech, that means we support the right of terrorists to publicly preach hate and murder, and we support the right of paedophiles to publicly vocalise the intimacies of their desires toward young children.  Are you happy for this to occur? Do you really support freedom of expression for the people we despise – especially when you consider what the consequences of such freedom of expression is likely to be?

It’s easy to jump on the ‘war is bad’ bandwagon, but take the time to consider an alternative view… why war might be absolutely necessary.

Is wisdom more powerful than knowledge?

Should people tell the truth ALL the time?

Barely anything is either black or white – there is usually shades of grey in between and it is important that you don’t ignore these shades of grey in your GAMSAT essays if you hope to score well.

Also, do you tend to view things through a particular lens? Your faith? Your culture? Feminist? Your socio-economic status? If so, be aware of this and use it as a springboard for comparison in your GAMSAT essays where appropriate.

If you make evaluating and firming up your worldview and stance on a broad range of topics part of your GAMSAT prep, you will be better placed to write stronger GAMSAT essays without wasting time contemplating your opinions or position during the actual exam.

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