GAMSAT Preparation Advice – Practice Interpreting Essay Quotes

GAMSAT Preparation Quotes

GAMSAT Preparation Advice

One of the best pieces of GAMSAT preparation advice I can give you is to make practice interpreting GAMSAT essay quotes a priority from the outset.

Like anything else in life, the more you practice interpreting essay quotes as part of your GAMSAT preparation, the better and faster you will become at it. I regularly set quote interpretation tasks as homework for my tutoring students across a wide range of themes. Doing this as an exercise also provides you with an opportunity to consider your position on and assess your existing level of knowledge about a wider variety of general themes than is the case if you were to only carefully consider quotes/themes that you have time to write full essays on.

The GAMSAT essay writing strategy I teach my students involves 10 minutes of planning before they begin writing the essay. Why? Because if you put the necessary time into correctly interpreting and deeply considering your chosen quote, then carefully planning your essay, such preparedness means that a great essay practically writes itself. There is no further analysing, contemplating or procrastinating during the writing process, which allows you to churn out a logical, on-point, well-structured essay quickly!

After sitting the exam many students have told me how nerve-wracking it was to still be planning while everyone else was frantically writing. But in the end the strategy paid off – they finished writing in time and produced an essay strong enough to score in the high 60’s or 70’s.

If interpreting the meaning of GAMSAT quotes is something that you struggle with, I would recommend interpreting a dozen quotes and then asking clever friends or relatives how they interpret those same quotes to compare. Hopefully you will start to see a pattern of where you are going wrong.

Please be sure to practice interpreting GAMSAT essay quotes as a key part of your GAMSAT preparation for section 2 so that you get really good at doing it. It gets easier with practice, I promise!

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