7 Reasons You Should Get a GAMSAT Tutor for Section 2


7 Reasons You Should Get a GAMSAT Tutor for Section 2

I have seen many students on forums question whether it is worthwhile getting a GAMSAT tutor to guide them in the months or weeks leading up to the exam. You might find yourself asking questions like: Is it worth the cost? Will it really help? For some people having a GAMSAT tutor coach them in writing better essays for section 2 might nicely boost their score by 10 points, for others it might ultimately be the difference between being offered a university place to study medicine or not.

Here are the top 7 reasons you should consider getting a GAMSAT tutor for Section 2:

  1. Of all three sections of the exam, tutoring delivers the strongest improvement results in section 2 of the GAMSAT.
  2. You will receive expert advice to redirect and guide you if your GAMSAT essay writing approach is really poor or totally on the wrong track!
  3. There is no point writing dozens of essays without having someone provide you with feedback on how to improve your essays and get better and better over time.
  4. You will receive personalised advice and strategies for improving your GAMSAT essays tailored towards enhancing your strengths and strengthening your weaknesses.
  5. You will stay committed to practicing your essay writing and if you have an excellent GAMSAT tutor your essay writing skills will improve quite quickly.
  6. The improvement you see in your essay writing skills coupled with the positive feedback you receive from your GAMSAT tutor as you improve over time will significantly boost your confidence.
  7. Boosting your score in section 2 of the GAMSAT (which is fairly easy to do) helps bring up your overall GAMSAT score!

The decision is entirely yours, but…

If you are struggling with or feeling overwhelmed by essay writing, you would benefit from tutoring.

If you need someone to keep you on track and regularly writing practice essays,  you would benefit from tutoring.

If you need to get faster at essay writing to meet the 30 minute time limit,  you would benefit from tutoring.

If you scored in the 50’s of low 60’s last time you sat the GAMSAT and are looking to score better next time, you would benefit from tutoring.

If you want to give yourself the very best chance a achieving the highest possible GAMSAT score,  you would benefit from tutoring.

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